What if you could generate qualified leads from videos each day with ease…?


What if you could generate qualified leads from videos each day with ease…?

We've enrolled 4,300+ students & closed over $100 million with a single YouTube channel...


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We started our first YouTube channel back in 2018...

This channel wasn't originally named 'Living In Portland'.

We did what all the so-called "gurus" teach, saying you have to brand yourself and build your brand, as well as, be the 'digital mayor'...which typically means using my name and interviewing local business owners.

Turns out they were wrong!

How did we figure this out?

By understanding that a large majority of people are on YouTube to learn and/or be entertained.

We also learned that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, and that terms like 'living in (insert city state)' are searched hundreds of thousands of times on the platform.

Thus the "Living In" channel method was born.

Four years and the creation of 11 channels across diverse market have led us to an impressive milestone:

$100M in sales annually, exclusively through YouTube.

Without spending any money on advertisements...

Remarkably, this success has been achieved without the expenditure or need for costly partnerships with other lead-generation platforms, which can burden agents, teams and brokers with expenses exceeding +$10,000 per month.

While our competitors may struggle to attract qualified leads - some even attempting to replicate our methods - YouTube remains the lifeblood of our real estate business.

At Channel Junkies, our expertise and dedication to YouTube are unparalleled.

This extensive knowledge and experience have now been imparted to thousands of our students. Among them, several have become MILLIONAIRES from their client- getting YouTube channels.

We are so confident in our approach that we guarantee our programs and coaching will enable you to start generating leads from your own YouTube channel within 90 days!

If you’d like to put our method to the test, book a 1:1 action call with our team today & let’s find out if our process is a good match for you…

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