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“How to Build A REAL ESTATE CLIENT MACHINE from scratch!”

PLUS learn how to LEVERAGE your channel and build your team!

Uncover the secrets of the Channel Junkies and how they went from $0 to over $100M in less than 2 years!

There’s a lot of “marketers” pretending they know how to build a Real Estate Business with YouTube. Did you ask them to show you their results? We can because we practice what we preach!

Here’s what you’ll discover on this FREE training webinar:

  • How we came from absolutely $0 and almost quitting the industry.
  • How to build your real estate business with YouTube the RIGHT WAY
  • How story telling and location information gets clients calling you every single day!
  • Why YouTube is more powerful for your business than any other platform


Jackson Wilkey, Channel Junkies


Realtor, Speaker, Inventor Of Real Estate Vlogging

What up homies?! Look…If anyone out there shouldn’t have been able to accomplish what we have with the power of YouTube it’s me. I’m a country from Northern Idaho who is NOT a “tech” person but had a passion and a drive like no other. I was determined to figure this thing out. And that’s exactly what we did. So if anyone can do it, IT’S YOU!

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